Move and Grow Faster
Streamline process with NPS PRISMHR Software

Analyze, understand, and act on data to run your business better than ever before with powerful reporting.

Reduce Complexity
Make the right decisions quickly.

Manager can perform key tasks easily and quickly, including timecard reviews, time-off requests, and even monitor payroll.

The NPS HR Cloud powered by PRISM
Save Time and Money
Get the information you need quickly.

Easily capture demographic information, tax information, and forms specific to your business.

Easy Access
On any device. Including mobile!

Employees get mobile optimized, easy access to all the information they need. It even works in Spanish.

NPS PRISMHR Software is Accurate, Easy-to-Use, and Mobile Friendly 

By switching to NPS PRISMHR Software your employees can use the self service website portal; optimized for smartphones, tablets and of course, desktops and laptops, to view HR data, get paystubs and more. It can even display in Spanish.


Optimized and Streamlined Management Tools

Free up your manager's time with easy to use reporting features, view data on their employees, access reports, complete tasks, and even process payroll. Empower your leaders with knowledge and insight. NPS PRISMHR Software combined with our expert guidance gives you the power to understand your payroll, human resources, and employee benefits better than ever. Always efficient and reliable, NPS PRISMHR Software saves you and your managers more time and gives you both more flexibility and accuracy than alternatives. It brings previously out of reach world-class payroll to your small and medium-sized business.

Security and Reliability

The NPS PRISMHR Software also provides powerful security, controlling access to specific fields, menus and data, so individuals only see what they need, when they need to. We can set up roles or access for specific roles or even individuals to ensure your team has the right access and insight they need.

The NPS HR Software employee self service portal makes it easy for your employees to access the information they need, when they need it. The system is optimized for smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops. So no matter what device you use, the system automatically adapts for you.

The portal makes it easy for your employees to review their benefits, flexible spending and retirement plan information. They can also retrieve their pay stubs for any payment that has been issued on the system, or reprint their W-2s and/or 1099 forms.

Getting access to personal information is simple. And the system toggles into Spanish for your Spanish speaking employees. Employees can see their time off balances and history and even submit vacation requests that will route to their manager.

NPS HR Cloud Software has features such as dynamic organization chart that shows current reporting relationships for your company. We also have a total compensation statement that makes it easy to review the total cost of each employee to the organization.